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Dark Atoms - full biography

The music I compose under the moniker "Dark Atoms" can range from eerie and menacing to outright experimentation. The music tends to be edgy, sometimes avant garde, experimental and dissonant. Sometimes the pieces are more melodic and ambient, but contain a dark overtone to the sound.
Best to listen before you buy, as it won't always be everyone's cup of tea!

The "Dark Atoms" moniker evolved out of the realization that a lot of the music I was putting together was on the more avant garde side of things (for example, the vocal experiments of "Mantras.")  There was also a dark menacing edge to some of the recordings, such as The Ozymandias Device.  Music of this sort is often referred to as Dark Ambient music.

It occurred to me that these pieces might not appeal so some of the people who enjoy my more meditative, peaceful compositions (like Warm Sea Rising Part 2 for example).
Rather than try to explain for each composition what "mood" or "genre" it was, I decided to separate a subset of my work from my "jo9n" oeuvre and thus was born "Dark Atoms."
Stylistically, the music is not always that different from the work I do under the jo9n brand, but if a piece is listed as done by Dark Atoms, you can be sure it will at very least be dark in tone, and perhaps a bit unsettling.  At its most exotic, "Dark Atoms" music can venture into serialism, experimentalism and avant-garde. It can be challenging at times, but also very interesting and fulfilling to listen to!